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Taking hair to new heights.
Infused with REJUVENIQETM.
  • RESHAPE Root Lifter


Volume is Right

Since using the the Revive and Revitalize my hair is now back to the thickness it was when I was younger. Amazing!

Great System

Gives the hair hydration and shine. Doesn't weight down. One of my favorites :)


I have used every single shampoo on the market and None have given my hair body until I started using Revive Shampoo & Revitalize Conditioner!


I cannot put into words how much i love this system!

Favorite Volume Ever

These are by far the best volume products I have ever used. I get volume for days which is saying a lot for someone with fine hair.


Great system! Love how my hair looks and feels.

Totally Impressed

I'm more comfortable, more confident, since using Monat for the last 6 months. Before Monat I was a wash your hair every day kind of girl. My hair would be greasy by the end of the work day. I would spend most of my day running my hands through my hair, checking how greasy it was getting. It was being tucked behind my ears or thrown up in a bun. Every time I went to the bathroom I would be tousling it, trying to make it not look so flat. It was one of my downfalls, constantly worried about how it looked. On top of the greasiness, for several years my hair had started to thin. It wasn't your normal post pardum loss. When I would look in the mirror I could see half way through my scalp. Taking pictures after a swim added an inch to my forehead. I just turned 40 and I finally had the guts to do something about it. I saw an ad on facebook and decided to take the plunge. I've tried things before but the process always seemed too much. I was determined this time. I made my order of the Volume System and the product sat at my house for a couple weeks before I was ready. Would it work? Would I stick with it? Would I be back to using the sale shampoo that was sitting in my shower? I started using Monat and I wasn't perfect at hitting all the steps every day, I had a new baby at home after all. It really didn't take any extra time in the shower but it took a bit for me to start seeing results. I was seeing a little new growth on my temples but I was getting a little discouraged. I decided to give myself a full 6 months. I couldn't be happier that I did. My hair felt healthier, cleaner, longer. I could go a day or 2 without washing it. I noticed myself not touching it as much or checking on it as much because I knew it wouldn't be greasy. I took some photos and compared them to my "before" photos. There was a difference. You could see less of my scalp, my density was increasing. My volume on a whole was better. All in all my experience with Monat has been pretty impressive. The only problem I'm finding is that my hair is a little frizzy....oh wait....that's just all of my NEW BABY HAIRS!!!!


I had a major surgery that caused a vitamin deficiency. My hair was falling out by the handful, it was my worst nightmare. I tried Monat asa last resort when I saw my friend from high school was selling it. My hair is now not only growing but it has stopped falling out and is thicker than before the surgery. Thank you for giving my confidence back!

Absolutely AMAZING

I started using the Volume System in June and my hair has never been happier! My curls are so much more defined, bouncier, fuller and the shine is just, WOW! I am sooo happy with the shampoo and conditioner, it hasbrought my hair back to life. Thank you Monat !! :)


I've been using this system since June and I absolutely love the shampoo and conditioner. I have natural curly hair and it has brought so much life to my hair. It's simply amazing! I've only used the root lifter once because there is so much life in my curls again that I haven't really felt that the root lifter was necessary. I'm so happy that I tried Monat.

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